Kalliope ART-75549
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KalliopePBX V4 Lite FO (high availability, 2 appliances) Número: ART-75549 EAN: - MPN: KPBX-V4-LITE-FO
KalliopePBX Mini and Lite aim to be the perfect mix of small size and advanced functions. In fact, who chooses Mini or Lite con count on all the most important services and reduced dimensions and consumption. These devices are equipped with a powerful and reliable fanless hardware: Dual-Core 1 GHz CPU 2 GB Ram 16 GB SSD Mini KalliopePBX Mini, the entry-level solution of the Kalliope product line, is designed to offer all the advantages of VoIP and many advanced features at a very aggressive price. KalliopePBX Mini and Lite are based on the same hardware, but contains software limitations in order to design a product tailor-made for micro enterprises. LIMITATIONS 12 local extensions 4 external channels Single-level IVR 2 Call Groups 1 Queue No KalliopePhone and KalliopeCTI Pro licences No remote extensions No CallCenter module No High Availability No LDAP functions No call recording No Gateway Balancer UPGRADE MINI TO LITE KalliopePBX Mini and KalliopePBX Lite are based on the same hardware. The limitations of the Mini version concern exclusively its firmware. Because of this, you can remove these limitations and upgrade KalliopePBX Mini to KalliopePBX Lite with by purchasing a license key. Lite KalliopePBX Lite is a highly scalable solution with small dimensions and minimum consumption. This Kalliope model is completely unlimited and guarantees up to 25 concurrent calls. KalliopePBX Lite grants access to all the advanced features and supports CTI applications, both desktop and mobile.
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KalliopePBX V4 Lite FO - 12 mesi di aggiornamenti firmware

KalliopePBX V4 Lite - 12 mesi di aggiornamenti firmware

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