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Grandstream GVC3220 - Sistema de conferencias multimedia ultra HD.

El GVC3220 es un revolucionario sistema de videoconferencia que proporciona un entorno interactivo e…
Fabricante: Grandstream
Código: ART-155087

Grandstream GVC3212 - Dispositivo de videoconferencia HD

El GVC3212 es un dispositivo de videoconferencia HD compacto y asequible ideal para teletrabajadores…
Fabricante: Grandstream
Código: ART-155040
Designed to allow users to customize their solution according to their specific communication needs, the GVC3210 can be paired with most video and web conferencing services to create a multi-point conferencing system. This video conferencing endpoint runs on the Android op erating system and offers full access to the Google Play Store. This allows users to utilize any Android conferencing or communication application. The GVC3210 comes equipped with sophisticated Noise-Shield technology to block out background noise and maximize audio quality. Additional features include advanced 4-microphone array with beam-forming capability, a high-end 16M pixel CMOS sensor with ePTZ for easy camera view adjustments and Miracast wireless for convenient content sharing. This simple yet powerful video conferencing endpoint is the ideal choice for SMBs looking for a price-friendly option that still carries the high-end features needed to sustain high-quality business communications. Features: - Sharp HD video resolutions up to 4k Ultra HD - Runs on Android 6.x operating system with full access to applications in the Google Play store - Built-in Bluetooth for use with Bluetooth speakers/ microphones, keyboards, data exchange, etc. - Integrated dual band WiFi to pair with video and web conferencing service - Built-in 4-MIC array with beam-forming, support for external audio equipment and innovative Noise Shield technology - Advanced camera with 16M pixel CMOS sensor, 90 FOV wideangle lens and ePTZ for easy camera view adjustments - Support for Miracast wireless content sharing to share a presentation with conference attendees - Integrated 1x HDMI in, 2x HDMI out, and 2x USB

Grandstream GVC3210 - Dispositivo de videoconferencia

Designed to allow users to customize their solution according to their specific communication needs,…
Fabricante: Grandstream
Código: ART-110532
EAN 6947273702467
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